State Transportation Department to Test Per-Mile Fee

Would you replace the gas tax with a pay-per-mile fee? Saying fuel efficiency and electric cars are making the gas tax an unproductive revenue source for highway maintenance and construction, the state transportation department will soon be pilot testing an alternative, sometimes called a road-usage charge.

In the pilot test beginning early next year, drivers will pay a mock fee – no real money yet – of 2.4 cents per mile. WSDOT officials say that’s roughly the equivalent of what the drive of a car with average fuel efficiency would pay in gas taxes.
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How do you rate the recent legislative session?

After a record-long three special sessions, the Washington Legislature left Olympia July 20. Lawmakers boasted of major new investments in public education to satisfy the state Supreme Court’s “McCleary” school funding requirements and a new paid family leave law. Others fault the Legislature for not passing a capital budget to fund school construction and other local building projects and for failing to pass water rights legislation to address the court’s Hirst decision that has resulted in many rural property owners being unable to develop on their land.

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What issues are you watching in 2017?

The holiday season means the 2017 legislative session is just around the corner. Lawmakers will have big hurdles to climb — most importantly, passing a biennial budget and addressing the Supreme Court’s McCleary decision. Many more issues will surface during the long session, and we want to hear from you.

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