A welcome end. State Supreme Court concludes the state has complied with its McCleary order.

The state Supreme Court issued what surely is its final order in the McCleary lawsuit. 

The court concludes that the State has complied with the court’s orders to fully implement its statutory program of basic education by September 1, 2018, and has purged its contempt. This justifies the termination of the court’s retained jurisdiction and the lifting of the contempt ¬†sanctions.

Therefore, it is hereby ORDERED:

(1) The monetary penalty of $100,000 per day is lifted, and the court approves the expenditure of funds deposited into the dedicated McCleary penalty account for the support of basic K-12 education.

(2) The request for prejudgment interest on sanctions denied.

(3) This court’s retention of jurisdiction pursuant to McCleary v.State, 173 Wn.2d 477,269P.3d227(2012), is terminated.

The welcome end of a long journey.