Action Alert: Encourage lawmakers to “tap brakes on unsustainable spending”

Those on our mailing list will have received an “action alert” from us earlier today. It’s important. So we’re also sharing it on the blog.

The message will be familiar to those who have followed our coverage of state budget developments.

Washington’s long-running economic recovery and expansion has resulted in unprecedented growth. State spending in Washington grew $11 billion in the last four years.┬áState lawmakers have leveraged this good fortune to make investments in important programs. But they haven’t paid commensurate attention to preparing for an inevitable downturn. Now, many want to increase spending even further and fund that expansion with tax increases. Meanwhile, experts are warning we should be preparing for the potential of a slowing national economy. Please take one minute to email lawmakers now!

Click the link for more detail. And then, please, contact your legislator. Time is short.