ACTION ALERT: Transportation

  Tell Senate Transportation Committee Members to Act Quickly on Bipartisan Investment Package

Senate negotiators have just announced agreement on a vital transportation funding plan. This is a critical first step in passing legislation this session to preserve and maintain our state’s roads and bridges and improve critical economic corridors. 

Key elements of the plan address Opportunity Washington’s major Connect priorities: $15 billion in new funding over 16 years, primarily targeting highway preservation and maintenance and highway project completion and improvement. Funding comes from an 11.7-cent-per-gallon gas tax increase phased-in over three years and additional truck and passenger vehicle weight fees.

This proposal lays an excellent foundation for the first comprehensive transportation package in more than a decade. We need to get the plan out of the Senate and into the House for action as quickly as possible.

Thank Senators Curtis King, Steve Hobbs, Joe Fain, and Marko Liias

And contact members of the Senate Transportation Committee and urge them to support this bipartisan plan and keep it moving.

Here are the members of the committee:

Opportunity Washington: Priorities for Shared Prosperity made transportation funding a critical priority. This video explains why.

Thank you for your support and commitment to Opportunity Washington. Please let us know how we can help. And if you’d like tocopy us on your email to the senators, please use this address.