Association of Washington Business forms Rebound and Recovery Task Force to guide safe reopening of economy.

As businesses and political leaders consider ways and means for reopening the economy weeks into the lockdown, the Association of Washington Business has organized a task force to provide important guidance. 

…AWB’s new Rebound and Recovery Task Force held its first meeting Friday morning to discuss how the association can contribute to the discussion on safely restarting more parts of the economy now that some low-risk construction projects have been allowed to resume.

The committee is co-chaired by Tim Schauer of MacKay Sposito in Vancouver, and Michelle Hege of DH in Spokane. Public sector leaders Lisa Brown, director of the Department of Commerce, and Suzi LeVine, commissioner for the Employment Security Department are also on the committee. The goal of the group is to work as quickly as possible to get businesses safely back up and running. That includes reducing COVID-19 cases to the extent that employees feel safe coming to work and customers feel safe coming to buy.

Read the linked article for more detail. Also, AWB has announced that it will be partnering with other West Coast employer associations to coordinate a regional recovery. The governors of Washington, Oregon and California had previously announced their intention to coordinate on reopening. AWB writes,

Just as the governors came together to form a shared vision for reopening businesses and controlling the spread of COVID-19, the leaders of six statewide associations representing manufacturers and businesses in the three states are united behind a set of shared principles.

Leaders from the associations shared those principles in a joint letter to Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown. The organizations include AWB, the California Business Roundtable, the California Manufacturers & Technology Association, the Oregon Business Council, Oregon Business & Industry and the Washington Roundtable.

We do like seeing the efforts to facilitate a smooth, quick and safe reopening of the economy.