Association of Washington Business releases two new videos explaining the benefits of tax relief for manufacturers

Gov. Inslee’s controversial veto of manufacturing tax relief last session has not been forgotten. The veto was examined in a Washington Research Council report last September, which included this observation:

Cutting taxes for the manufacturing community helps to create new jobs in a growth climate and to protect existing jobs in a downturn. Fostering economic growth creates new tax revenue and contributes to the overall support of government services…

His veto message stated, “. . . these tax reductions should be considered in a thoughtful, transparent process that incorporates public input and business accountability.” 

Media accounts report Gov. Inslee’s willingness to look at a similar proposal in the future if it was presented in such a manner.. ..This potential boost for manufacturing is well worth a thoughtful reconsideration.

 The Association of Washington Business has endorsed the tax relief for manufacturers. The linked report on a panel discussion during the AWB Legislative Day yesterday points out how the tax relief would benefit the state economy. Two videos make the case. We include them here.

B&O Tax Rate Reduction for Manufacturers – Vaughan Co., Inc. from Association of WA Business on Vimeo.

B&O Tax Rate Reduction for Manufacturers – Out of the Box Manufacturing from Association of WA Business on Vimeo.

Well done.