AWB breaks down the impact of the major tax legislation adopted in the 2019 legislative session. Yes, it’s significant.

The Association of Washington Business looks at the 2019 Legislature’s major tax legislation. The AWB one-pager tells the story well.

AWB writes,

The impacts of the Legislature’s new taxes (as implemented in House Bill 2158) are wide-ranging…

“This was the biggest tax bill of the session, impacting the most taxpayers,” said Clay Hill, AWB government affairs director for tax and fiscal policy. “The one-pager shows that Main Street business bears the primary burden.”

The tax increase came on top of substantial revenue growth over the past few budget cycles. The Washington Research Council prepared this graph to show just how much tax revenues have grown. The graph includes all of the taxes adopted in 2019, not just the HB 2158 increases.

Main Street businesses will notice.