Business coalition launches new campaign: “Stay Safe, Stay Open. Wear a Mask.”

A coalition of major employer groups has launched a new campaign aimed at encouraging the use of masks public spaces. The 60-second video below tells the story.  (Shorter video here.)

The message is straightforward:

As COVID-19 cases trend upward, we need your help. Please, always remember to wear a mask when you’re in a public place so our businesses can serve you. Recent studies indicate you are 65% less likely to be infected if you wear a mask.

We’ve come too far to turn back. Please do your part and wear a mask to preserve lives, protect jobs, and help our economy get back on its feet.

As the coalition says in the news announcement:

Employers all over the state have invested tremendous resources and effort into preparing their places of business for reopening. Even so, as COVID-19 cases have gone up, we’ve seen some states pausing — or more concerning — rolling back reopening plans.
We recognize there are strong opinions on the issue of mask regulations, but we can all agree that for the protection of our hard working employees, their jobs and vulnerable populations in our communities, we need to work together to safely keep our economy moving forward.

Please visit for links to essential resources and more information on how employers are working collaboratively to advance the recovery safely. 

Members of the coalition represent a wide range of industries:

Washington Realtors
Washington Retail Association
Washington Roundtable

But they share one vital interest: A safe reopening of the state economy.