CEO magazine publishes 2020 Best & Worst States for Business: Washington ranks No. 44

In ordinary economic times, we’ve had some fun looking at various “best states” list. While these aren’t ordinary economic times, publishers continue to stick to their publication schedule. So, here we are in June, with the annual “best and worst states for business” ranking from CEO magazine.

Washington never does well on this list, which is based on a survey of chief executives. As we’ve written before, we take these things with a whole lot of salt. The Chief Executive rankings are based on an executive survey. Still, perceptions matter. And we know a lot of you like to see these rankings.  Just don’t put too much stock in them.

Washington ranks No 44, again in the bottom ten and slipping a bit from No. 43 last year and No. 42 the year before. Still, clicking through to the Washington page, there are some positive testimonials, a message from the governor, links to economic development groups, and a list of key incentives. Also, this:

While the Evergreen State remains a thriving hub for tech and Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon and Microsoft, new opportunities may be arising in maritime and clean energy. Initiatives such as the Washington Maritime Blue 2050 and the Clean Energy Fund aim to drive new economic growth in sustainability and the shift towards decarbonization.

This year, take the rankings with more salt than usual. The real test for our state – for every state – will be how well policymakers assist businesses in navigating the recovery.