Common Core is common sense: Reasonable education standards merit support

The Columbian editorial board provided a strong defense of common core standards today. The editorial noted that both the state Republican and Democratic party organizations passed resolutions opposing Common Core. The former did so last year; the latter, last week. A rare thing, the Columbian says, that brings both parties together, albeit for different reasons. Both groups miss the point, the editorial concludes.

We can debate the minutiae about the effectiveness of Common Core standards and the overlords who developed them and the evils of standardized testing, but higher standards and more demands on our students are a necessary part of any improvement. Children — and adults, for that matter — live up to expectations. Raising expectations for our educational system would truly be something extraordinary.

Read the whole thing for some important context.

Democrats for Education Reform expressed disappointment and dismay. (H/T League of Education Voters)

Our Democrats should be worried about 2016. But first they need to get their heads out of the sand, and get serious about improving our public schools…

This [anti Common Core] resolution is an embarrassment, full of inaccuracies and innuendo. It also flies in the face of public opinion.  70 percent of Washingtonians support Common Core, our college and career ready learning standards that are currently being used in schools all across our state. 

For a good description of Common Core State Standards, see this good FAQ from Ready Washington.

And for more information, see Opportunity Washington’s Achieve indicators.