Confused about the Common Core? Great resources available from CORElaborate.

Opportunity Washington supports efforts to improve student achievement. It’s central to our Achieve priority. Efforts to improve student achievement are also central to the Common Core State Standards (Common Core), about which there’s an uncommon amount of mystery and confusion. 

Fortunately, there’s CORElaborate to demystify and explain. 

CORElaborate is a website brought to you by Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) and Ready Washington (ReadyWA).

ReadyWA and PSESD believe teacher leadership is essential for successful, large-scale systemic change in education. ReadyWA and PSESD also believe that the use of social media is an effective means of helping to sustain systemic change in instructional practice.

For how Common Core works in practice, watch this great video from the Medical Lake School District and Ready Washington.