Countdown for saving Washington’s public charter schools: Lawmakers need to act now

This morning we urged state legislators to save public charter schools. The reasons to preserve these schools, to solve the technical funding problem that led the state Supreme Court to strike down the voter-approved public charter school law are many and familiar to most of you reading this. Simply,

These schools are doing exactly what the voters intended when they approved the 2012 charter school law: Providing a proven education option for students and families.

A solution is at hand. The elements are clear.

Good public charter school legislation will provide dedicated funding and assure public charter schools continue to offer a sustainable option for students that have been historically underserved by traditional public schools.
There’s no question that the state Legislature can preserve public charter schools as the voters intended. We believe the majority of lawmakers want to do the right thing for Washington students and save public charter schools.
The Lens reports on the status of public charter school legislation. The new online news source also examines why advocates believe a charter school solution is vital.
Amy Anderson, AWB Director of Government Affairs for education, called it “imperative” that the state’s students have educational choices including charter schools…

“We’re concerned Washington students are not in a position to take advantage of the great jobs in our economy,” Washington Roundtable President Steve Mullin told Lens, citing projections that nearly 70 percent of jobs will require post-secondary education, while just 31 percent of the state’s students are earning two- or four-year degrees.

…Lisa Macfarlane, Washington State Director of Democrats for Education Reform, said families “desperately want this public school option.” She warned that without legislative action, schools with mostly low-income, minority students will shut down.

“Failure’s not an option, we’ve got to keep these schools open serving these kids.

Also, the Washington Roundtable posts a good roundup of editorial support for public charter schools.
The clock is ticking.