ESD reports upturn in UI claims, notes that initial claim volumes remain below pre-pandemic levels.

Not much real news in the monthly report from the Employment Security Department, but we thought we’d post it here.

 For the 4-week moving average ending Jan. 1, 2022, compared to the previous 4-week moving average:

  • Regular initial claims increased by 1,826 to a total of 7,490. As with the previous 4-week moving average, the increase is likely due to seasonal layoffs, primarily in the construction and agriculture industries.
  • Regular continued claims increased by 3,713 to a total of 49,848.

The increase in initial claims is typical for the agriculture and construction industries during this week in pre-pandemic times. And total initial claim volumes are still below pre-pandemic levels, indicating ongoing improvements in the overall labor market.  

Main conclusion: Things are getting better, with occasional hiccups.