Everett Herald puts Opportunity Washington report on “recommended reading” list

The Everett Herald editorial board today endorsed Opportunity Washington: Priorities for Shared Prosperity in an editorial that put our research report 

on the recommended reading list for city, county, school and business leaders and anyone else with an interest in the economic health of Snohomish County, which ought to cover just about everyone.

As a reminder, here are links to the overview and research report. Our three guiding principles: Achieve (education), Connect (transportation), and Employ (encourage investment and job creation). 

Opportunity Washington partners AWB president Kriss Johnson and Washington Roundtable president Steve Mullin are retracing the listening tour they took last summer, meeting with editorial boards and discussing the research and recommendations released last week

The Herald editorial does an excellent job reviewing the report and putting it in state and local context. Their conclusion:

There will be disagreements in the details, especially regarding how to ensure results from the money spent on education, how to fund necessary transportation improvements, how to fairly reform our tax system and how to rewrite regulations that protect the things we value while not swamping business. But reaching agreement on those tasks starts with finding common ground in our goals to achieve, connect and employ.

We could not agree more.