Fundraising picks up in support of Seattle head tax repeal.

If anyone wondered whether Seattle’s leading businesses were going to put money behind efforts to repeal the city’s controversial head tax, a Seattle Times news story provides the answer

Amazon and Starbucks are among companies that have promised to cut large checks to a campaign collecting signatures for a referendum to repeal Seattle’s head tax.

Both Seattle-based global giants have pledged $25,000 to the “No Tax on Jobs” effort, according to a report filed Wednesday with the city’s elections commission

The immediate and substantial backing for the referendum underscores just how vehemently a number of businesses oppose the new tax.

Other companies listed as having pledged $25,000 are Vulcan, Kroger, Albertsons and Howard Wright.

In all, reporter Daniel Beekman writes, some 40 businesses and individuals have committed $325,000 to the effort.

Meanwhile, in the South Sound, The News Tribune commends Pierce County officials for, well, not being Seattle.

Tuesday’s united front of civic, labor and economic leaders, anchored by Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier and Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards, was a well-timed opportunity to renew a message that can’t be repeated enough: The South Sound is open for business.

This might be more about public relations and good feelings than it is a serious effort to effect real change. But the PR boost for the county could be worthwhile.

Contrast the alliance down south with the division up north, where leaders such as King County Executive Dow Constantine have voiced concerns that Seattle’s head tax will hurt employer retention and recruitment.

To their credit, local cheerleaders seized the moment to distinguish the Tacoma area from Seattle without coming off as desperate or poking the big city in the eye.

A little healthy competition to support job creation and investment is a good thing. We’ll be watching to see how this plays out.