Governor signs $59 billion budget, with a handful of vetoes.

Gov. Inslee has signed the state’s $59 billion biennial budget. The Associated Press reports,

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday signed a $59 billion, two-year state operating budget that he said would help provide relief and recovery from the widespread effects of the pandemic.

He praised the spending plan.

“The final budget funds most of the relief, recovery and resilience priorities that I put forward in December,” Inslee said, noting that it makes vital investments in areas like public health, homelessness, climate change, access to broadband and child care.

As the AP points out, the $59 billion doesn’t tell the whole story of state spending.

Lawmakers used $10.6 billion in federal virus relief funding In the budget that ends in mid-2023. The amount is separate from the $59 billion in state spending.

The Washington Research Council examines the governor’s budget vetoes.

He vetoed seven items; the vetoes will improve the balance sheet. (See here, here, and here for more information on the budget passed by the Legislature.)

Read the WRC post for details.