Grade the 2018 Legislature: Take Our Survey

Lawmakers left Olympia March 8, on time and without raising new taxes, although both carbon and capital gains taxes were considered. Your evaluation of the session’s accomplishments and disappointments doubtless depends on your priorities and preferences. 

The Seattle Times recently issued its “mixed report card” on the session.  The editorial includes the Hirst water decision and capital budget among “the good.” And the paper dings lawmakers for its hasty budget rollout with minimal citizen input. If you want to know what you may have missed in the budget, the Washington Research Council provides a good budget overview.  

As many have noted, lawmakers moved a lot of legislation through the short, 60-day session.

We’re interested in your assessment of the session. So we’ve prepared a brief survey. Please take a look and let us know what you think. Although the questions touch on just a few topics, each of them leaves room for you to provide additional comments if we missed something important.