Gregoire discusses Challenge Seattle with GeekWire: “We have this unique culture of working together and collaborating.”

Last fall we wrote of the launch of Challenge Seattle, noting that the new CEO group’s goals align well with the Opportunity Washington roadmap. In GeekWire today, Challenge Seattle’s CEO, former Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire, discusses how the organization will tackle the region’s education and transportation challenges.

The interview begins with her assessment of the Seattle area’s unique opportunities.

“I don’t know of anywhere where you have this unique combination of putting together the best and brightest at a university that is world-known, with a public sector that has the welcome mat open, and a private sector that wants to offer up what they can,” Gregoire said.

Later, she returns to the theme, saying

When I traveled to other cities to see how they were doing things, I found that Seattle is very different. We have this unique culture of working together and collaborating and so on that you just don’t find elsewhere.

She underscores the private sector’s leadership commitment.

…these CEOs we have now, they come from a school of “show me.” We want to show people we are engaged and intending to make things happen. We aren’t just a name or a bunch of CEOs getting together for coffee. We are absolutely committed to the community and that’s what we are about.

It’s a short article and informative. We recommend it for insight into this major regional initiative.