Is the McCleary school-funding lawsuit about to come to an end? It looks that way.

Emily Makings at the Washington Research Council has reviewed the McCleary plaintiffs’ brief. She writes,

They acknowledge that the case is over.


…plaintiffs “do not believe the State’s new funding formulas provide ample State funding for the education of all Washington children as Article IX, section 1 requires.” They note that there has been no trial on the adequacy of the new funding. Thus, they ask that the Court not issue “a preemptive factual finding that the State’s new program funding levels do in fact comply with the ample funding for all children mandate of Article IX, section 1.” They worry that such a finding would foreclose future suits on school funding.

From our quick review of the 26-page brief, we agree with the WRC. Our hunch is that while case is likely over–it should be–lawsuits on school funding are possibly a new fiscal policy fixture.