Keep transportation bill moving

More editorial board voices are being raised to support swift action on the comprehensive transportation package adopted by the state Senate. 

The Yakima Herald-Republic writes

The Senate has sent over to the House what amounts to a negotiating position, and there is plenty to work with. …The Senate approach may not be that of Democrats, but the end result is too important to fall victim to partisan squabbles. The House has in hand a serious proposal, and it’s time to talk and make a deal.

And the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin says:

Washington state is desperately in need of improving its highway infrastructure…

House leaders appear ready to hold the [Senate] transportation package hostage in exchange for boosting education spending.

That’s wrong. These are two separate, but very important, issues that must be considered separately.

…The transportation plan out of the Senate was bipartisan and takes the state in the right direction. The House — and its leadership — need to keep it moving forward.

As we’ve pointed out, there’s an urgent need to pass comprehensive transportation funding now. Across the state, independent editorial boards agree. The House should act quickly to, as the Yakima paper says, close the deal.