Key Education Reforms Awaiting Legislative Action

Opportunity Washington: Priorities for Shared Prosperityemphasizes education – our Achieve priority. That’s because research has confirmed that our best chance of expanding opportunity for Washingtonians, for spreading prosperity statewide, and for enhancing economic mobility in our state begins with education. 
We want to alert you to three bills currently pending in the Legislature. They represent significant reforms that will improve academic outcomes and accountability. 
The two Senate bills are:
  • SB 5744, assuring the best teachers remain in the classroom by basing any reduction-in-force on performance evaluation rather than seniority and empowering principals by granting them greater control of teacher placement.
  • SB 5748, strengthening teacher and principal evaluations by

    ensuring state assessments are one of the multiple measures of student growth.

In the House: 
  • HB 1813, improving computer science education in the public schools with clear learning standards and scholarship opportunities for educators to improve their skills.
Opportunity Washington endorses these bills, which are not yet scheduled for floor votes. We want you to be aware of them now and to mention them to your legislators when you communicate with them. We will keep you informed on their progress.
Thank you for your support for expanding the culture of opportunity in our state!