Legislature passes revised transportation budget; governor praises bipartisan commitment

The Legislature today passed the supplemental transportation budget with strong bipartisan support. House passage followed yesterday’s Senate vote on the negotiated plan. The Associated Press reported on the Senate action, 

The Senate in Washington passed a supplemental transportation budget on Tuesday that has been negotiated and agreed upon by leadership in both chambers and includes money to raise the salaries of Washington State Patrol officers.

The budget, which would alter the two-year transportation budget passed last year by $507 million, was approved by a 44-5 vote…

House support was similarly lopsided, 86-10 with 2 members excused.

In a statement, Gov. Jay Inslee said,

“We’ve made tremendous strides in the past two years to fund critical safety, maintenance and congestion relief projects all across our state. The historic transportation package we passed last year, combined with these new improvements, demonstrate a bipartisan commitment to providing Washington’s commuters and businesses with safe, reliable transportation and transit options. These new investments help preserve our great quality of life and grow our economy.

Our Connect priority calls attention to the importance of safe, efficient transportation systems to achieving the goal of shared prosperity. We strongly supported last year’s transportation budget and, like the governor,  applaud the Legislature’s continued commitment.