More on potential responses to passage of I-976.

Yesterday we wrote about some initial steps being taken to respond to I-976. Emily Makings at the Washington Research Council has nicely distilled responses into four categories

Policymakers are already searching for ways to address the substantial impacts to state and local transportation funding that come with I-976. So far, the potential responses fall in these categories:

  • Lawsuits
  • Cut spending and/or delay projects
  • Use other funds to maintain spending
  • Legislative override of initiative

It’s a good overview. We recommend it.

In particular, it’s worth noting the possibility of a legislative override. Makings writes, 

Under Article II, section I of the state constitution, within two years of the passage of an initiative, the Legislature may only amend it with a two-thirds vote. (After two years, a simple majority suffices to amend or repeal initiatives.) Melissa Santos writes that “neither Fey nor Hobbs, the Senate transportation chair, were considering that as a serious option as of Wednesday. ‘I don’t see how there are the votes to do that,’ Hobbs said.”

Challenging times ahead.