More on the federal funds coming to Washington. A “windfall” likely to exceed pandemic revenue losses.

More information continues to come in examining how Washington local and state governments will benefit from the $1.9 trillion Congressional aid package. The sums are staggering. 

The Washington Research Council reports,

There are several funding buckets in the ARP Act. The largest that will be distributed by states and local governments are the fiscal relief funds and the emergency and secondary school emergency relief funds. But there’s also funding for childcare, transit, and rental assistance, for example.

Based on current estimates, Washington’s state and local governments will have $11.752 billion to distribute just from the ARP Act. That would bring Washington’s total from the federal relief bills to $24.345 billion.

These numbers are just estimates and are not exhaustive. (Note, too, that this does not include direct income support and loans to individuals and businesses in Washington.)

Follow the link to a WRC table showing the fund distributions.

Writing at Post Alley, Mike Luis examines the impact on cities in King County. He presents a serious of informative charts. His conclusion:

With the exception of Tukwila and SeaTac, all cities in King County should have money left over from their federal allocation after backfilling for lost tax revenue. In some cases, a lot more money. And that money comes with very few strings attached. How this money is spent, and the degree to which it creates bow waves and future expectations, will test the skill of state, regional, and local governments.