New Elway/Crosscut Poll shows economy top issue for Washington voters. Economic concerns mirror our polling.

With the legislative session beginning last week, voters’ concerns with the state economy should be top-of-mind for lawmakers. Crosscut reports that the economy is back again as the state’s top issue.

For the first time in eight years, the economy tops the list of issues Washington voters want the Legislature to address in 2022, eclipsing homelessness and COVID-19 as the leading concerns statewide, according to a new Crosscut/Elway Poll.

The new poll, released Thursday, asked 400 registered voters an open-ended question about what topics state legislators should focus on when they convene for a new session next week. Nearly a third of respondents — 32% — named economic issues as the most important for the Legislature to tackle.

Click through for the whole thing. Here’s what jumps out at us:

Those who named the economy as a top issue specifically mentioned inflation, employment rates and housing prices as concerns. 

Last month, we released the results of our Opportunity Washington poll, which found voters increasingly believe economy, personal finances, and tax burden are on wrong track. The concerns expressed in the Elway/Crosscut poll aren’t surprising. We encourage you to click through on our poll results again. This slide is a major takeaway for lawmakers to consider this session.

Legislators should seize the opportunity to champion the economy.