New Poll: Voters prioritize economic recovery and jobs. Scant support for new taxes.

In yesterday’s newsletter we released the results of a new survey conducted for Opportunity Washington by DHM Research.  Here’s a bit of what we learned. 

Overwhelmingly, Washingtonians tell us the state’s most pressing problems are the economic recovery, jobs and the economy, and COVID-19. Voters reject policies they believe would discourage job creation and recovery. Fewer than one-in-five voters support tax increases. A majority oppose the capital gains tax. And two-thirds believe it is better to cut taxes to ensure business survival than to raise taxes to fund more state services.

Given lawmakers interest in raising taxes during the COVID recession, despite the absence of a budget shortfall, these two slides should be of legislative interest. They are consistent with the results of a Crosscut/Elway Poll we reported on earlier.

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