The Opportunity Washington Message Heard Statewide

Following last week’s successful launch of Opportunity Washington, Washington Roundtable president Steve Mullin and AWB president Kris Johnson took our message on the road.
They met with editorial boards at the Spokesman-Review, Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, Tri-City Herald, Yakima Herald, the Herald of Everett and the Seattle Times. It was a lot of travel time for them, but well worth it for the chance to tell our story. 
We really liked this editorial in the Everett Herald. 
Before they get too much deeper into the session, state legislators would do themselves and their constituents a favor by sitting down with a cup of coffee, a highlighter and a copy of a new report, “Opportunity Washington: Priorities for Shared Prosperity.” 
As the editorial says, it begins with a shared vision:
There will be disagreements in the details, especially regarding how to ensure results from the money spent on education, how to fund necessary transportation improvements, how to fairly reform our tax system and how to rewrite regulations that protect the things we value while not swamping business. But reaching agreement on those tasks starts with finding common ground in our goals to achieve, connect and employ.
We are encouraged by the favorable reception the roadmap has received by those who’ve had a chance to review the research, read the overview, and watch the video
Please take a moment and share this information with your colleagues, friends and family members. Encourage them to sign up to stay informed on our efforts and join us in advancing our priorities for shared prosperity. 

And thank you for your support and commitment to Opportunity Washington. Please let us know how we can help.

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