Overwhelming Support for Transportation Package: Coalition Letter Calls for Action Now

We’ve never seen anything quite like this. A coalition of 190 organization signed onto a letter to the governor and Legislature urging them to pass a comprehensive transportation package. The overwhelming support for action now underscores the importance of making long-overdue investments in transportation. Legislative transportation leaders are close to agreement. They’ve come too far to fail now.

From the letter:

We are writing in a united, bi-partisan spirit as leaders, representatives, and elected officials from business and labor, local government and contractors, trades and transit agencies, engineering companies and environmental organizations, and as members of coalitions that have worked with and talked to all of you about the critical need to pass a balanced transportation revenue and reform package this session…

To us, it would be disappointing and damaging to our economy not to enact a package, and we urge you to finish the job.

The list of organizations is available here.  More on the effort can be found at Keep Washington Rolling