Proposed payroll tax for King County misses key legislative cutoff. But that doesn’t really mean it’s dead.

In Monday’s newsletter we wrote of the proposed payroll tax legislation introduced to allow King County to increase business taxes to fund programs to promote public safety and address homelessness.

To stay alive, the bill. Substitute House Bill 2907, should move out of the House February 19. And, of course, should it make it through the House, once it reaches the Senate, anything can happen. We expect this to be a rapidly evolving issue in the next few weeks.

Well, February 19 is so yesterday. And as The Seattle Times reports, HB 2907 did not clear the House.

This year’s deadline to pass regular bills out of the Washington House came and went Wednesday without a vote on a closely watched proposal that would allow King County to tax big businesses to raise money for affordable housing and homeless services…

The concept behind House Bill 2907 may not be wholly dead, however, co-sponsor Rep. Nicole Macri, D-Seattle, said. It could be reintroduced as a special budget/revenue bill not subject to Wednesday’s deadline, and negotiations in Olympia are ongoing, she said.

“Everyone is still at the table and we’ve got 22 days left (in the session),” she said. “We’re making progress every single day. We’re spending multiple hours every day talking about this idea … The policy consideration is not over.”

House Bill 2907 didn’t get a vote because the interested parties are still discussing how the tax money would be distributed across King County and among various priorities, Macri said.

Olympia can be a very creative place and the Legislature does make its own rules.

Keep watching.