PSRC survey: Transportation is metro Seattle’s most important problem

The Puget Sound Regional Council today released a new and very timely survey. With the state Senate poised to vote on the state’s first comprehensive transportation package in a decade, the survey confirms the importance voters place on a functioning, safe, transportation system.

The key results:

Seventy-nine percent say traffic congestion on roads they use is a serious or critical problem.

Sixty percent say a lack of transportation alternatives is a serious or critical problem.

Fifty-one percent say the region is losing ground when it comes to transportation.

Ninety-five percent say it’s important for the State Legislature and the Governor to do something to address transportation this year.

Click here for more on the results of the survey of 1,500 voters.

Opportunity Washington: Priorities for Shared Prosperity has made transportation funding a critical objective. Read our recent Action Alert and go to our Connect page for information on the precarious state of our vital transportation networks.