Ready Washington’s Opt-In Campaign: Students Speak Up for Smarter Balanced Assessments and Better Education

Opportunity Washington understands that education begins the journey to increased opportunity. Our Achieve priority recognizes that the stakes are high.

Education expands opportunity. By 2020, 70 percent of Washington jobs will require postsecondary education or training. Preparing our students for these opportunities requires high-quality education at every level.

And, being pragmatists, we acknowledge that to make progress you have to be able to measure progress. That’s why we support Smarter Balanced Assessments, which we wrote about here with video and a clear infographic  from Ready Washington

So we’re delighted to share the news about Ready Washington’s Opt In campaign.  

Here’s the FAQ, what students are saying, the Washington Roundtable’s announcement about the campaign, and information about a great scholarship opportunity for students (short flyer here). Watch the embedded video above for information. And check out the scholarship link to see some of the 30-second videos students have already submitted. 

These young people are awe-inspiring: optimistic, visionary, and – as the videos demonstrate – still grounded and realistic as they focus on the opportunities ahead. Congratulations to all of them.