Reopening: Challenge Seattle and Washington Roundtable release recommendations to guide the return to work.


The Washington Roundtable and Challenge Seattle, working with the Boston Consulting Group, have developed recommendations to help guide businesses through the reopening phase of the pandemic response.  Their work will also be featured in a webinar tomorrow beginning at 11:00 a.m. put on by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. The webinar is free and available to chamber members and nonmembers.

From the Roundtable’s release:

These recommendations – informed by close collaboration with public health, epidemiological, and care delivery leaders in the region – align closely with Governor Inslee’s plan for a safe, incremental, and data- and science- based return to work in a “new normal.”

The resources include checklists in three categories: Workplace Safety, Workforce Support, and Customer/Visitor Expectations. Baseline recommendations are also provided regarding protection of vulnerable populations (individuals 65 years or older and those with underlying health conditions) and employer involvement in testing, tracking, and tracing the virus. The checklists are not sector or activity specific. Instead, they provide baseline recommendations that individual businesses can tailor to their specific environments.

The groups provide the full report and a summary and checklists for downloading. 

Challenge Seattle CEO and former Gov. Chris Gregoire said in a statement,

“Priority one for employers across our state is to understand what they can and should be doing to prepare to bring employees back and reengage with customers as safely and confidently as possible, while following public health guidance. Our hope is these resources will help businesses prepare for when the state begins to move from an environment where only essential businesses can operate to one where safe businesses can operate.” 

Washington Roundtable president Steve Mullin said,

“It is critical to note that this guidance is intended to benefit all employers and implementation will likely differ by environment. We wanted to use the best available data, coupled with input from public health officials and private sector learnings from experience in other markets, to give Washington businesses a head start on preparing to restart operations in this new environment.”

We applaud these efforts to prepare for a safe reopening of the state economy.