Seattle Chamber exec talks about importance of diversification, middle income jobs

Following on the recent Boston Consulting Group report commissioned by the chamber, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce president Maud Daudon discussed the implications for the region’s economy with the Puget Sound Business Journal. Reporter Jeanine Stewart sets the stage,

… the Boston Consulting Group put out a report showing that the region has lost 7,000 jobs in that category since 2009, which amounts to a roughly 2 percent decrease.

Meanwhile, the region has added about 18,000 high-income jobs – those paying over $75,000 – representing a 7.3 percent increase. A large share of the region’s jobs are generated by a slim number of employers, with 30 percent of them at least indirectly tied to four employers: MicrosoftBoeing, the University of Washington and Amazon.

The chamber will be launching an initiative to address concerns raised by BCG.

…this whole initiative is making sure that we’re not leaving people behind in our city, and I think the reason for that are when you leave people behind you end up having greater social service costs, you wind up with greater unemployment.

Details will be available in the next few weeks. We look forward to hearing more about this important effort.