Seattle Times Agrees: State tax policies proved to be good investments

Earlier, as Boeing disclosed its investments and tax savings, we wrote

…the investments made by business in this state, including Boeing, provide good jobs for state residents, support education and other essential public services, and help make Washington a state of opportunity and shared prosperity.

We’d say that’s a very good return on a sensible tax policy.

A Seattle Times editorial reaches a similar conclusion,

THREE of the best investments made by the state of Washington over the last generation were to support the University of Washington, Microsoft and Boeing.

Taxpayer support at important points helped propel all three forward. The public’s return on those investments is incredible — all three entities created priceless economic clusters, tens of thousands of jobs and a culture of innovation carrying us forward.

Washington must continue to make these smart investments, a job that should be easier thanks to new disclosure rules that help the public understand the extent and benefits of tax incentives approved by the Legislature.

Some may quibble as to whether the tax policies cited can be considered “taxpayer support” or just sensible taxation–we incline toward the latter view–but the conclusion stands. When tax policies create an environment that nurtures investment, innovation and job creation, we all win and the state prospers.