Seattle Times editorial calls on Legislature to “save Washington charter schools”

The Seattle Times editorial board urges the state Legislature to save charter schools after the court announced it would not reconsider its ruling that the state charter school law is unconstitutional. The editorial sounds an optimistic note.

The good news is the fight continues. A bipartisan and bicameral group of legislators is working on a bill — really, a technical fix, said state Sen. Steve Litzow, R-Mercer Island. The goal is to allow public charter schools to continue receiving state funding as envisioned by voters when they approved Initiative 1240 three years ago.

Washington’s nine charter schools serve more than 1,200 students.

Lawmakers should act in the best interest of children and families who have embraced charter schools.

It’s a good, concise editorial. While we hope and believe the optimism is warranted, no one should take legislative victory for granted. 

While we’re on the topic, the Times also carries an op-ed endorsing community colleges as a “path to [career] success” and state Sen. Christine Rolfes’s account of the bipartisan listening tour on education lawmakers participated in last month.