Senate leader suggests a state capital budget might be approved in November.

According to The Chronicle, the long-stalled capital budget may – underscore may – be sorted out in a couple of months. 

“That’s the most asked question in the state and one that we don’t have an answer to,” Sen. John Braun, R-Centralia, said about the capital budget timeline. 

The best case scenario would involve approval of the budget in September, but Braun said he expects it will happen later than that, possibly sometime in November.

As the chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, Braun is in a position to understand the state of negotiations. 

In a session post-mortem, Seattle Times reporter Joseph O’Sullivan includes a brief discussion of the capital budget stalemate.

…lawmakers desperately wanted to pass at least two more bills — and couldn’t.

Absent an agreement on rural water-use legislation to address another state Supreme Court decision, the Republican-controlled Senate refused to move forward on a $4 billion capital construction budget.

As the legislative session stretched deep into July, Democrats and Republicans tried to find an acceptable compromise. But the clock ran out, the session ended, and the stalemate continues.

We continue to hope for a satisfactory fix for the Hirst water rights problem and a capital budget. Before November would, indeed, be ideal.