Senate Ways & Means Chair unveils 2016 supplemental budget proposal; some spending increases, no new taxes

A day after the House Appropriations Committee approved a 2016 supplemental budget, Senate Ways and Means Chair Andy Hill released his proposed supplemental. All the documents are available here.

The Washington Research Council examines the differences between the governor’s supplemental and the House supplemental. The WRC also has a brief overview of the Senate Ways and Means chair’s proposal.

It would increase near general fund-state plus opportunity pathways (NGFS+) spending by $49 million. It would not increase taxes. Transfers from other accounts to the general fund-state (GFS) would total $49.1 million; this includes $14 million from the marijuana fund, $10 million from the public works assistance account, and $10 million from the performance audit account. 

Although there’s sure to be some wrangling over the details, there’s no reason differences can’t be reconciled swiftly, allowing legislators to adjourn on time March 10.