Spokane voters reject initiative that would have imposed fines on coal- and oil-carrying rail cars

Proposition 2, an initiative that would have imposed fines on rail cars carrying coal and oil, has been decisively defeated by Spokane voters. The Spokesman-Review reports

Spokane voters rejected a proposal that would have fined certain coal and oil trains traveling through downtown.

Proposition 2 was failing with only 41 percent of votes cast in favor of the measure, which had been criticized as illegal and potentially embroiling the city in costly legal battles.

As we wrote previously,

These patchwork, selective efforts to disrupt trade threaten our state economy. The double standard on rail is simply another attempt to bend regulatory processes to advance other agendas.

Spokane business and civic leaders opposed the measure, calling it unenforceable, illegal, and harmful to the local economy. The message got through.