Tax Foundation: Washington relies on property taxes for 29.6% of state/local tax revenues, ranking us 28th in the nation

The Tax Foundation is out with another of its tax maps, this one looking at the degree to which state and local governments rely on property taxes. We always find these maps interesting. And we admit to being a little surprised at the range between the most- and least-reliant states.

In FY 2015, New Hampshire and Alaska relied most heavily on property taxes, at 65.7 percent and 57.2 percent of their tax collections, respectively, while North Dakota and Alabama raised the smallest portion of their state and local tax revenue through property taxes, at 13.3 percent and 17.2 percent, respectively.

As the map shows, Washington ranks pretty much in the middle, No. 28, with property taxes making up just 29.6 percent of state and local tax revenues.