Tech news: Washington posts high marks in Cyberstates report; CBRE calls Seattle top emerging life sciences center

Washington and the Seattle metro area continue to rank near the top of tech surveys.

In CyberStates 2019, by Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), Washington ranks No. 5 in net growth in year-over-year tech employment 2018. The graph below from the publication shows some other key markers.

The Cyberstates report confirms widespread perceptions of the importance of technology to the state economy.

Another new report, from the commercial real estate firm CBRE, may be a little more surprising as it shows the strong comeback of life sciences to metro Seattle. While not making the top 10 in life sciences clusters, a ranking led by Boston, San Francisco, and San Diego, Seattle tops the list of emerging markets.

Geek Wire reports,

Seattle is the top emerging life sciences hub in the U.S., according to a recent report from commercial real estate firm CBRE. That’s welcome news for an industry that has faced its share of ups and downs in the past decade.

“This is a cluster that is over 20 years old and it’s really maturing in a tremendous way,” said Leslie Alexandre, president and CEO of Life Science Washington, a trade group. “We have lots more companies than we did previously.”…

“The growth is closely tied to educational institutions and the growing pool of strong talent in the region,” said Marcus Yamamoto, first vice president at CBRE. Another major factor is the ready availability of lab real estate compared with more saturated markets like Boston and San Francisco, which were the top two leading markets overall, Yamamoto said. CBRE published two separate rankings: top-ranked “leading life sciences markets,” and top “emerging life sciences clusters.”

Good to see.