Test scores and high school graduation rates: Some background on measures used in our Opportunity Score

We’ve been delighted with coverage of our Opportunity Score (for example, here and here). Washington’s performance on our Achieve (education) priorities ranked the state No. 18 among the fifty states, well out of the top ten. Improving that ranking must be a major objective for policymakers.

Our performance score is based on several metrics. As we explain briefly on the dashboard,

The state performs well in 4th grade reading, 8th grade math, and associate’s degrees awarded. However, the high school graduation rate is well below the median (ranking 40th in the nation). The state also ranks among the bottom half of all states in bachelor’s and advanced degree production.

We also provide more detail here.

The math and reading scores are from the NAEP tests. New scores are here, along with discussion of the results.

For more information on national efforts to improve high school graduation rates and why it’s a top priority, see this new research report