The News Tribune reports on the Opportunity Index

Yesterday we released the Opportunity Index, a data-driven 50-state measure of state performance in education, transportation and economic vitality. To introduce the index, three of our key partners held a press conference in Olympia and continue to meet with reporters and editorial boards around the state. Many thanks to Steve Mullin, president of the Washington Roundtable; Kris Johnson, president of the Association of Washington Business; and, Lew Moore, president of the Washington Research Council for their leadership in developing and promoting the index.

Jordan Schrader has an excellent overview of the report in The News Tribune today.

Washington’s public schools have some of the nation’s best eighth-grade math scores but some of the worst high-school graduation rates.

…Business groups included the measures among others this week in an analysis of how the state fares on education, transportation and the economy. The “Opportunity Index” ranks Washington 18th for education quality and outcomes, 38th for transportation reliability and efficiency and 23rd for economic vitality.

The overall score: 24. “Good but not great,” is how Washington Roundtable president Steve Mullin described it to reporters.

The top overall ranking goes to Massachusetts, driven by what the coalition said is a strong education system and private investment in research and development. The coalition ranks Kansas best on transportation and Delaware tops on economic factors.

We encourage you to read the whole story … and to visit our website to learn more about the Opportunity Index