The News Tribune suggests the soda tax might be an answer for state and local governments

Yesterday we asked the question: Will Philadelphia’s soda tax start a trend?

Today, The News Tribune editorial board provided an answer: 

We’re not aware of a resurgence of interest in a soda tax in the state Legislature, nor is there any indication Tacoma wants to float one. The idea could easily fall flat.

But when state lawmakers arrive at what seems an inevitable conclusion next year — that they’ll need more revenue to bridge a projected $2-3 billion public schools obligation — they would be remiss not to study all options, including a tax on a discretionary product that causes documented harm to consumers.

Ditto for Tacoma and Pierce County as both contemplate requests for dozens more police and sheriff’s deputies. In terms of a catchy PR slogan, they could do worse than a “pop for cops” tax.

That was quick. 

As the editorial says, no one is going there yet. But they may.