The Senate’s work is done: I-1351 class size reduction and biology requirement delayed

Late yesterday afternoon the Senate completed its work, delaying I-1351 for four years and providing a two-year delay in a biology graduation requirement. We’re waiting for the House to wrap up its unfinished business this afternoon.

The Associated Press reports: 

…the Senate passed a measure delaying full implementation of an expensive class-size initiative.

The chamber passed House Bill 2266 on a 33-11 vote Thursday after a weeklong standoff threatened to blow a hole in that budget. The vote clears the way for lawmakers to adjourn their third legislative session by Friday. While the state operating budget pays for reduction of class sizes from kindergarten through third grade, the bill delays implementation for grades 4-12.


…Republican and Democratic senators reached agreement on the graduation-requirement delay and passed that measure Thursday as well. Senate Bill 6145, which passed 39-5, delays a requirement for high-school students to pass a high-school-biology exam for this year and 2016, which helps about 2,000 students at risk of not getting diplomas.

The Spokesman-Review outlines what’s left.

The House is scheduled to vote today on the delay to the biology assessment test, as well as the list of projects and the bonds connected with the 11.9 cent gasoline tax already approved by both chambers. Once those are complete, the Legislature is expected to adjourn for the year.

It’s time.