TomTom Traffic Index: Seattle has nation’s 4th highest congestion level; 44th worst globally

Another day, another congestion report. TomTom has released its global traffic index, reporting on the most congested cities in the world. It’s largely consistent with the INRIX findings we wrote about last week. 

TomTom finds that Seattle ranks 4th in the nation for traffic congestion, behind Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. The INRIX report ranked the Seattle metro area 6th, behind LA, Washington DC, San Francisco, Houston and New York. 

Here’s the top of the TomTom table, which has several useful filters to allow more selective analysis:

TomTom Traffic Index

For the worst traffic in the world, you have to go to Mexico City. 

As we wrote in our post on the INRIX report, congestion in the Seattle metro area has increased as the economy has grown. The comprehensive transportation investment package passed by the Legislature last year will improve conditions over time. Overall, this is a good problem to have and an important one to solve.