Tri-Cities Herald: Opportunity Washington Scorecard “wake-up call our state’s leaders need”

An excellent Tri-Cities Herald editorial takes a look at our updated Opportunity Washington Scorecard. The editorial says,

The news that our state ranks in the middle of the pack compared with other states on a recently released scoreboard is a bit disheartening, if not entirely surprising.

When it comes to recruiting new businesses and residents — as well as retaining them — we have some work to do and we know where many of the shortcomings lie.

It was still a tough thing to hear, however, when Opportunity Washington recently turned a spotlight on those weaknesses.

Nobody likes to have their flaws flaunted for all to see. But in this case it just may be the kind of wake-up call our state’s leaders need.

The editorial reviews the data, paying particular attention to the state’s performance on key education measures. The writers’ conclude:

Slow and steady wins the race, and we hope Washington can start making deliberate steps toward improving education, transportation and economic vitality. Our state’s success depends on it.

It does.