Wallet Hub: Washington comes in at No. 22 in “2017 Best and Worst States for Teachers” ranking

Washington gets middling rankings in the 2017 Best and Worst States for Teachers rankings from Wallet Hub. The News Tribune reports on the rankings:

A WalletHub ranking published Monday included input from nine education experts and says Washington is the 22nd most teacher-friendly state. New York was first and New Jersey was second in the ranking that considered opportunity and competition for teaching jobs and academic and work environment. Washington ranked 27th and 18th respectively in those categories.

As usual, the data going into the rankings are worth exploring. Here’s the methodology, according to Wallet Hub. Opportunity and Competition metrics, for example, include starting and average salaries, salary growth, pension, tenure protections, and share of uncertified teachers. Academic and Work Environment measures include strength of the teachers’ union, pupil-teacher ratio, commute times and “working mom friendliness.”

Wallet Hub writes,

To help America’s educators find the best opportunities and teaching environments, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on 21 key indicators of teacher-friendliness. Our data set ranges from teachers’ income growth potential to pupil-teacher ratio to teacher safety.

Interesting. Also of note, the report says nothing about how the measures translate into improved student outcomes. That’s a separate issue.