Washington ranks No. 43 on Chief Executive magazine’s “2019 Best and Worst States for Business” list.

Chief Executive magazine has published its 2019 Best and Worst States for Business rankings. Washington comes in at No. 43, in the bottom quintile. Texas, again, ranks first. Last year, Washington ranked No. 42, so we slipped a bit again.

The results don’t change much at the top or bottom, writes Dale Buss.

According to the CEOs who were surveyed for the 2019 Best States & Worst States for business ranking by Chief Executive, Texas remained No. 1 this year, solidifying its long hold on the top spot. Florida once again was No. 2. Indiana remained No. 5. At least Tennessee leapt up to No. 3 while North Carolina dipped one spot, to No. 4.

Washington just missed appearing in this unhappy paragraph.

But it was at the bottom of the list where things were ossified. The ranking of the worst seven states remained unchanged again for 2019: No. 44 Oregon, No. 45 Massachusetts, No. 46 Connecticut, No. 47 New Jersey, No. 48 Illinois, then New York at No. 49, and California in last place.

As we’ve written before, we take these things with a whole lot of salt. The Chief Executive rankings, as noted above, are based on an executive survey. Still, perceptions matter. And we know a lot of you like to see these rankings. ┬áJust don’t put too much stock in them.