Washington Research Council: $90 billion in federal relief has already poured into Washington

The Washington Research Council has done a great job of tracking the flow of federal relief funds to our state. In a recent blog post, WRC senior analyst Emily Makings reports that the total now approaches $90 billion. 

So far, across the five major relief bills, at least $25.843 billion has and will flow through Washington’s state and local governments. The state has appropriated (or allocated via the unanticipated receipts process) $17.348 billion of that.

In addition to the funding that the state has a role in distributing, the federal bills have also provided $63.577 billion directly to individuals and businesses in Washington. This includes, for example, the economic impact payments, unemployment insurance payments, and the paycheck protection program.

More detail in her blog post. It’s a staggering amount of funding, and there may be more to come.