Washington Research Council breaks down the $2.3 billion in policy adds in the state’s $52.4 billion budget

A short Washington Research Council post identifies the policy changes driving $2.3 billion in new spending in the state budget. Click through to see the breakdown in an easy-to-read chart.

WRC analyst Emily Makings writes,

The 2019–21 operating budget passed by the Legislature appropriates $52.419 billion from funds subject to the outlook (NGFO) and $393.6 million from the new workforce education investment account (WEIA, in E2SHB 2158). The spending from the WEIA would normally come from the NGFO, so it is appropriate, for the sake of budget transparency, to convey budget numbers in terms of the NGFO plus WEIA. On this basis, 2019–21 appropriations are $52.813 billion (an 18.3 percent increase over 2017–19). All the figures below are in terms of the NGFO plus WEIA.

The 2019–21 maintenance level (the cost of continuing current services) is $50.485 billion. On top of that, new policy increases appropriations by $2.328 billion.

More analysis will follow. Up 18.3 percent!